- Established 2008 -

St Peter Street Funeral Services

Incorporating Iqbal Funeral Services, Iqbal Funeral & Memorial Services (Oldham) Atkins Funeral Services( Nelson)

A Husband & Wife Funeral Business, Our Family Looking After Your Family.

St Peter Street Funeral Services is an independently owned, family run, local business based in Blackburn, Lancashire. Founded in 2008 by Mr Rashid Iqbal, we offer funeral services for all denominations and can tailor the service to meet individual needs. We have a team of highly trained professionals and our dedicated staff are always available in your time of need.

We are members of of the British Institute of Funeral Directors and British Institute of Embalmers. As such we have a strict code of practise that we adhere to, ensuring that the high standard that our families expect are met.

How do we differ from a more traditional Funeral Directors?

Most Funeral Directors will accommodate every possible choice which is very costly. We only offer two levels of service and they are available during office hours. We still maintain the same level of professional service, coffin and hearse as you’d expect from any High Street Funeral Directors. To make the arrangements for the Funeral you can either visit us or we can visit you at home to complete the documents.

We are a family owned independent Funeral Service serving the community at a time of immense grief. We take instructions and act in good faith at all times, whilst we do not ask for a deposit towards the cost of the funeral, if one is offered it is greatly appreciated. We would need you to pay for disbursements to 3rd parties such as crematorium/cemetery, doctors fees etc, but please don’t be shy in talking to us about any difficulties that you may have as we are here to help.